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APOBox - Melinda November 09, 2012 5 Announcements

Please be advised that we have received notice from USPS that the ban on electronic items containing lithium will be removed effective November 15, 2012 for all APO/FPO/DPO locations. Please see their remarks below. We appreciate your patience during this time. 


WASHINGTON — Effective Nov.15, Post Offices will begin accepting packages containing lithium batteries installed in electronic devices bound for many international destinations, and Army (APO), Fleet (FPO) and Diplomatic Post Office (DPO) locations.


“The Postal Service is pleased to be back in the business of shipping gifts containing lithium batteries internationally and to our service members overseas,” said Giselle Valera, vice president, Global Business. “Postal employees are gearing up for a busy holiday season, and we’re ready to help customers send care packages to loved ones around the world.”

Glenn Hauptmann October 11, 2011 Announcements

With the holiday season fast approaching, APO Box would like to remind you, our valued customers, to mail your packages early to ensure the delivery to APO/FPO/DPO destination addresses by December 25. Deadlines for mailing to specific APO/FPO/DPO ZIP Codes vary according to the specific classes of mail being sent to them. They are listed below.


Military Mail Addressed To Priority Mail Express® Military Service (PMEMS) 1/ First-Class Mail®           Letters and Cards Priority Mail® Parcel Airlift Mail (PAL) 2/ Space Available Mail (SAM) 3/ Parcel Post®
APO/FPO AE ZIPs 090-092 Dec-17 Dec-10 Dec-10 Dec-3 Nov-26 Nov-12
APO/FPO AE ZIP 093 N/A Dec-3 Dec-3 Dec-3 Nov-26 Nov-12
APO/FPO AE ZIPs 094-098 Dec-17 Dec-10 Dec-10 Dec-3 Nov-26 Nov-12
APO/FPO AA ZIP 340 Dec-17 Dec-10 Dec-10 Dec-3 Nov-26 Nov-12
APO/FPO AP ZIPs 962-966 Dec-17 Dec-10 Dec-10 Dec-3 Nov-26 Nov-12

Here are a few other things to keep in mind while ordering your holiday packages :Please keep in mind that APO Box locations are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. We are not open on Saturdays or Sundays. Your packages need to be received and shipped out by APO Box by the Friday before the dates listed above.

  • Remember to insure your packages properly through your default insurance or through Custom Package Handling Requests.
  • Your Customer Code is extremely important. This is the only way that we have to identify the package as yours. Not including your customer code will result in a $5 Misaddressed Fee and a delay in shipping your package.
  • Items measuring over 108 dimensional inches will be shipped via Parcel Post. This is a regulation set by the US Postal Service. If you have a question on which mailing class your package will be sent by, please obtain the shipping dimensions and weight of the package and call our staff at (800) 409-6013. We will be able to assist you with this and any other questions you may have.

Thank you so much for choosing to use APO Box for your shipping needs! We are very happy to serve you!

APOBox - Melinda January 07, 2011 2 Announcements

Please remember that it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that proper insurance coverage is set for each shipment for their account. Claims will only be paid up to the amount of coverage placed on your packages per your default coverage setting or custom handling request. Insurance coverage is provided by APO Box and is not through USPS. We provide coverage so that your claims process can be as fast and efficient as possible. 

You may update your insurance default coverage by logging onto your account at www.apobox.com. You may also submit a custom handling request within the My Account page to change coverage for a specific package without changing your default coverage amount.

APO Box May 15, 2010 APO FPO Shipping Help and Solutions

Claims for all services can be filed with APO Box after 45 days for priority mail and 60 days for parcel post. Complete the attached form and submit to APOBox.com via help desk ticket, email or mail. With the completed claims form you will need to provide evidence of Insurance and evidence of value. The most commonly requested documents are the APO Box shipping notification, original merchant's invoice, and all applicable tracking numbers. Depending on the type of claim, you may need to provide proof of damage, proof of loss, or partial loss of contents. Also, for claims over $150, we now require a notarized signature.

Please note that your claim must be filed within 90 days from the shipment date. If you do not meet this time requirement, your claim will be denied.

APO Box May 13, 2010 APO FPO Shipping Help and Solutions

Once your package departs our warehouse the US Postal Service (USPS) and the Military Postal service Agency (MPSA) are responsible for delivering your package to your APO/FPO address.

Priority mail is shipped via air to APO/FPO addresses and normally take around 10-15 days to most locations. If you are lucky to live next to the major military air hub for your region (Frankfurt, Baghdad, Kabul, Azores), then you often receive packages faster. Some customers have received their package in less than 7 days! For those in remote outstations, it can take over 30 days to reach you.

Parcel Post mail is sent via surface mail and normally takes 25-40 days to receive. Oversized items, packages that exceed 108" total length and girth, are shipped via Parcel Post for our AP and AA customers. AE customers may choose Parcel Post or APO Box Direct oversized for packages of this nature.